Vermont Bioenergy Initiative

The Vermont Bioenergy Initiative (VBI) is a strategic approach to diversified, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy in the state. A completed program of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, the Bioenergy Initiative aims to supply farm inputs and reduce fossil fuel consumption using local renewable resources. Since 2003 VBI has focused on biodiesel production and distribution for heating and transportation, oil crops for on-farm biodiesel and feed, grass for heating, and algae for biofuels and wastewater management.

The Vermont Bioenergy Initiative draws the connection between farming and energy and supports research, technical assistance, and infrastructure development in emerging areas of bioenergy. Farmers, industry professionals, students, educators, and entrepreneurs are invited to tap this website to help expand all efforts in renewable energy and environmental technology. Specific resources include the areas of oilseeds to biodiesel, grass as a heating fuel, and algae to biofuels and wastewater management.

Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF) is a nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the sustainable development of Vermont’s economy. VSJF provides business assistance, value chain facilitation, network development, and strategic planning in agriculture and food system, forest product, waste management, renewable energy, and environmental technology sectors. Located in Montpelier, Vermont, VSJF was created by the Vermont Legislature in 1995 to partner with state government, private sector businesses, and nonprofits to build a thriving economic, social, and ecological future for Vermont.

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